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Live from my workspace

Live from my workspace


Will Sobel wears an inappropriate amount of hats and takes on entirely too many projects that he is super passionate about that let him stretch his creative legs in many ways. He's been writing fiction since 2003, and playing Dungeons & Dragons since 2005. He spent all four years of high school playing D&D 3.5 with his friends.

Will went to school for Game Design, but never finished his Bachelor's Degree and instead ran a board game and comic book store in Marion, IL for two years. His family moved to Florida to run a different store, then moved to Reno where he worked in distribution for tabletop games. For a short time his family lived in southern California where he did marketing for the Upper Deck Company. He now moonlights doing sales for the amazing team at Green Ronin Publishing.

During the day, Will writes science fiction, fantasy, and occasionally even horror in a variety of long and short forms including short stories, magazines, anthologies, novellas, novels, and whatever else sticks that he throws against the wall. But he also writes for RPGs and other tabletop games including writing and editing rule books.





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