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Word Foreword

Another Journey (Another Home)

Last time I talked about our journey to my parents’ place in Florida. It was a long journey across the country, and I wanted to point out that it’s a great opportunity for us to listen to some audiobooks. After talking to Quinn about some books I’d read in the past, and our interest in Dungeons & Dragons we decided to listen to The Dark Elf Trilogy by R.A. Salvatore. I love the Forgotten Realms setting, and I love the character Drizzt – but I forgot how uninteresting these books are in comparison to the other Drizzt books (the Icewind Dale books are awesome).

Disney Castle right before we left

Disney Castle right before we left

We stayed with my parents for a little under two weeks. Spending time with family (especially this long) isn’t an easy thing, but finding a place to live from a ways away is difficult. During our time there we explored some of the area (they live close to Orlando – so by “area,” I mean Orlando) and spent a day at Disney, and had dinner at Medieval Times. This was my third time at Disney, but it was Maxine’s first time.

We explored Hollywood Studios right when the park opened, the first thing we did was Tower of Terror. This was Quinn’s goal, so we checked it off right away. We spent the rest of the morning bouncing between different Star Wars themed shows and rides.

In the afternoon we moved over to Magic Kingdom and visited the Carousel of Progress, the Mad Hatters Tea Cup ride, had dinner in the Crystal Palace, and rode the Pirates of the Caribbean ride just before closing. We got home around 1 in the morning – it was awesome.

During our exploration, we found an awesome Florida chain of game and comic stores called Coliseum of Comics. We visited the Kissimmee branch, but they have several other stores all across Florida. We picked up comics on our pull list that we had missed the last few weeks (including Saladin Ahmed’s Exiles #4 which you should be reading if you’re not).

Sam Sykes'  The City Stained Red  at sunset.

Sam Sykes' The City Stained Red at sunset.

In addition to visiting my parents, exploring, and the above excursions I spent a little over 15 hours a week on my creative projects. If you’re not on Patreon, you should be, because I go in-depth on what I’m working on in my most recent post. To add on to the freelance projects I’m working on, I made a decision to fix up one of my novellas to submit to Tor.com after they announced new open submission dates. This is going to be its own blog post later, though. Florida also gave me some really awesome places to read, like the pool in my parents back cage (yes, old people homes in Florida all have cages because they're wild animals).


Then we left. The second leg of our journey was from Florida to Quinn’s dad in southern Illinois. Our first stop was Gainesville. For a short time in late 2015 and the following January we lived in Gainesville (yea, we get around) and our favorite place to play was Gamesville Tabletop. We played there quite a bit in the short time we lived there and made friends with the manager, Callie, who's an awesome businesswoman. I see Callie in a lot of closed industry groups, and she's incredibly smart, friendly, and super fun. If you have a chance to stop by her shop you should.

This little town was where Quinn and I met, where I was born, and where Maxine was born. It was about a fifteen-hour drive, so we decided to split this into two days. The first night we stayed in Pensacola visiting one of Quinn’s childhood friends. It was great to meet them, but we stayed up too late and woke up too early to finish off our drive.

The day after we arrived we had made several appointments to look at houses in Indianapolis. We saw a few nice places, but one obviously stood out for our needs; two stories, four bedrooms, an office, downtown, and haunted. We submitted our application and wrapped everything up last week. By the time I write the next blog, we’ll have a move in date!

And that brings us to now! I’ve been working in my father-in-law’s basement for several days since we’ve been here. It hasn’t been as much work as I would like, but I’ve been finishing projects (and lining some up) in that time.

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