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Life Happens

This blog post was originally published on the old Word Foreword on November 28th, 2017.

Life happens. It’s a concept that keeps returning. In September my family and I moved again. I took a position at Upper Deck to be in charge of their Entertainment Marketing, and with it came a move from Reno to the North County area, just north of San Diego. Since I left my Illinois home in October 2015, this is our third move to a different state.

When we first moved to Gainesville, Florida, I stopped writing completely. It was strange because my life suffered considerably. My two biggest passions, board games, and writing came to a full stop. The only time we played any games was when friends from Illinois came to visit us over Thanksgiving. We played a handful of games while they visited, but I didn’t write a single word while we lived there. And I worked in a bookstore.

In February 2016 we moved across the country, literally. We left Florida and stayed with family in Illinois for a few days before staying in Nashville for a week for training. We lived out of a hotel and had all our possessions packed into a Toyota Camry. Then we made a four-day journey from Nashville to Reno. My time in Reno was my biggest growth, no question. I got to bring board games into a career. I met lots of amazing people, but even more important I made some great friends. But more importantly, I learned a lot about myself and who I want to be. When we first moved to Reno, I wasn’t writing either. I knew in the back of my mind that I still needed to do it – but settling in, making friends, focusing on my job, all took priority. But a few months passed, and I couldn’t take it. June 2016 that changed and I started writing again, and it really ramped up in October of last year.

Writing has been a great hobby, but my commitment last year to see something published remains. It is no longer a hobby, but a career goal. Which is why I didn’t take even a single day off from writing after we moved to California. Now that I’m confident in my routine, I’m going to start posting more often. These posts may be random but usually will fit into one of two categories; writing/books and board games.

Will Sobel